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The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) is a federally chartered nonprofit civilian youth organization. We are sponsored by the Navy League of the United States and supported by both the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. It was established in 1962 at the request of the Department of the Navy and the Navy League of the United States to create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of American youth. Through the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) young people are exposed to the full rigors of a military training program. The NSCC prepares its cadets for whatever path they may take after high school.

Today's U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps continues to further the image of our maritime services by adhering to a standardized training program designed to:

  • Develop an interest and ability in seamanship and seagoing skills.
  • Instill virtues of good citizenship and strong moral principles in each cadet.
  • Demonstrate the value of an alcohol-free, drug-free and gang-free lifestyle.
  • Expose cadets to the prestige of public service and a variety of career paths through hands-on training with our nation's armed services.

Our Mission

The mission of our national program is teach our youth the values of patriotism, courage, and self-reliance.

Cadet Programs

1.  NLCC Program:  
This junior cadet program introduces its members to naval life through instruction in basic seamanship and leadership. NLCC members are able to participate in monthly drill sessions and during school breaks and in a one-week orientation class as well as in specially-designed annual training sessions. The purpose of the NLCC program is to prepare its cadets for success upon entering NSCC by exposing them to the fundamentals of seamanship and leadership. The training program is less arduous than NSCC's, but still includes a wide variety of away-from-home, one-week training opportunities designed to give cadets exposure to Navy life.

Who Should Join NLCC?
If you are between the ages of 10 and 13, NLCC is the ideal place to start.

2.  NSCC Program:  
The senior cadet program exposes its cadets to the full rigors of a military training program. Cadets are required to attend a mandatory two-week recruit training camp. After this requirement is met, cadets are eligible to participate in a variety of advanced training sessions. These sessions serve to expose cadets to seamanship and seagoing subjects. They also focus on developing an appreciation for our country's rich naval history, customs and traditions.

Who Should Join NSCC?
If you are turning 14 this year, you should start in NSCC.

When you join as a League Cadet or Sea Cadet, you will meet with your local unit. Depending on when you join, during either summer vacation or winter vacation, you will have your first opportunity to attend a League Orientation or Recruit Training. After successful completion of your Orientation or Recruit Training, you can progress to more Advanced Training. 

Training Opportunities: There are opportunities to train in ways seldom seen in other youth organizations. This includes shipboard training on Navy and Coast Guard vessels, field ops, scuba diving, and our international exchange program.

International Exchange Program: Our international exchange program is the brass ring of training. Every year, select Sea Cadets travel overseas to participate in training with sea cadets from other countries. 

Uniforms: Our cadets are authorized to wear the Navy uniform appropriately marked with NSCC or NLCC insignia. Cadets learn the proper care of their uniforms and wear them with pride.

Conduct: Cadets are taught to maintain discipline and bearing. Cadets are accountable for their actions.

Academics:  Successful academic progress is required as well (at least a "C" grade point average).  Cadets are also expected to be able to balance their schoolwork with their unit activities.

Skills: We believe that we are training the next generation of our nation’s leaders. Our program teaches leadership skills, but most importantly, provides the cadets with opportunities to practice them.Our challenging coursework and training options pushes cadets to excellence from themselves and from their fellow cadets. Our structure is also designed to be supportive, and our units work hard to ensure success for all of our cadets.

The Benefits of Our Program

Our cadets participate in a variety of community services that benefit their hometowns. Cadets also provide support to our nation’s great veterans through outreach programs and honor guard detachments for memorial services.

While cadets are not required to join the military, they do so at increasingly high rates. Due to the high quality of their training and preparation, former cadets tend to do very well in the military and have a relatively low attrition rate. Low attrition means a reduced cost to our nation’s armed services.

Some of the benefits of our program are immeasurable. Our cadets talk about the feelings of pride, camaraderie, respect and honor associated with their experience in the program. Our alumni tell us about the great impact the program had on their decisions and approach to life. One of our alumni told us that “honor, courage and commitment” were the three words that characterized her time in the program and that those three words were now a part of her.

Being a cadet can also help individuals become more competitive for certain programs. Over 10% of the midshipmen in the most recent entering class at the U.S. Naval Academy were former cadets, a figure consistent over the past decade.

Cadets who choose to enlist in the military are often eligible for advanced pay grade programs. This means that a cadet who enlists may be eligible for a higher rank than his or her non-cadet counterpart.

Our program not only provides cadets with the motivation and encouragement to pursue their goals, but also concrete assistance in achieving them. Each year, 17 scholarship funds are awarded to exceptional cadets. 

When we ask our cadets to chart their course we are asking them to not only make the most out of their time in this program, but to use the resources they are given to develop a vision for their future. Our slogan “Chart Your Course” is a reminder to our cadets to seize the limitless possibilities available to them and a reminder to our volunteers and organization to help them realize their full potential.

Whether they join the military or pursue a civilian career, the possibilities are limitless for our cadets. Our program prepares them to overcome challenges and to expect the best from themselves. Our cadets take the skills they have mastered and go on to become leaders in their communities. 

What is the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps?

The American Veterans Division NSCC is registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our federal ID number for donations is EIN 01-0621613.

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