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STEP 1: Watch the Sea Cadet Video by clicking the button on the left marked USNSCC Video.
STEP 2: Send us an email via the 'Contact Us' page to have specific questions answered.
STEP 3: Receive (via email) and complete the enrollment documentation pack outlined below.
STEP 4: Bring the completed enrollment documentation to the next drill along with the Enrollment & Uniform Usage fees.
Enrollment Forms
Click on the button on the left of this page marked "Cadet Enrollment Forms" to download the packet containing the forms needed for enrollment. In addition, you will need to provide a copy of your current medical insurance card.


Applicants must be enrolled in school, either public or private, or a sanctioned home school program and have a satisfactory scholastic standing. Because academic standing is a priority, cadets must regularly submit a copy of the report. If grades fall to an unacceptable level, an academic leave may be requested to bring grades into good standing. Please include a copy of most recent report card with the application.

Physical Examination  
A medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps. No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) may be presented by the parent or guardian for review so the cadet may participate in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible. 

Adult applicants must be in good health commensurate with their age group and be free from any ailment or condition that would prevent them from satisfactorily performing their primary duty of supervising youth. NOTE: Adults not physically qualified to perform all duties may still participate with a waiver from NHQ considering the parameters of their expected contribution to the NSCC program.

The Day You Join
On the day you join, after submitting the enrollment fee and the application and other required documents. The cadet will be issued a utility belt, canteen, a recruit cap, and a yellow recruit t-shirt. The recruit wears these items and dark colored PT shorts, sneakers, and white athletic socks, for four consecutive weeks when they report to drill, unless instructed to do otherwise. Those four weeks give the new cadet recruit an opportunity to see if this is what he or she desires. At the end of the fourth drill the uniform usage fee is paid and the remainder of the uniform and equipment items are issued and the cadet and parents sign the Uniform & Equipment Issued Form. For extremely motivated recruits the four week waiting period may be waved. Speak to the Administrative Officer about that arrangement.

Moral Character 
Applicants must possess good moral character, be unmarried, not pregnant, drug free and be free of felony conviction. Once a cadet has enrolled, a minimum 1-year enrollment is requested. In addition, cadets are required to attend a 9-day boot-camp during the summer or winter. A cadet is asked to mark his calendar for the entire year so that personal activities can be scheduled around drills. Keep in mind that there is an average of 40 Drills per year. Cadets must attend 75% of all scheduled drills.

Enrollment Fee and Uniform Usage Fee
The initial enrollment fee, and a further annual fee.  Enrollment fees include administrative fees and insurance.  The NSCC accident insurance program form is attached to the application packet.  In addition to the annual enrollment fee, the cadets may be required to pay additional participation fees based on scheduled activities.  The one-time Uniform Usage Fee covers the use of US Navy uniforms issued to cadets for their duration as members of the American Veterans Division.  All uniform items remain the property of the American Veterans Division and are to be returned in good condition within 10 days of separation from the unit.  The Enrollment Fee and Uniform Usage Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.  For the list of current fees click on the button to the left marked "Current Fees".

Enrollment and Uniform Usage fees paid by individuals who subsequently drop from the NSCC program are non-refundable and non-transferable to another applicant or another Sea Cadet unit.

A reprocessing fee will be charged for each lost, stolen or manipulated ID card replaced by NHQ.

Overdraft Checks

A $25 fee will be charged for a returned check.

Cadet Identification cards
Upon receipt of the appropriate fees, NHQ will issue each applicant listed a NSCC/NLCC ID Card valid for 1 year.  All cadets must possess current NSCC/NLCC ID Cards at all times.  The annual enrollment fee will be collected 3 months prior to expiration of card.  Cadet ID Cards will be stamped Under Age 21 to clearly indicate that NSCC/NLCC Cadets are minors

Parental involvement
Parental support is needed in meeting the drill attendance requirements, transportation and personal appearance and particularly haircuts/hair styling. We are also always looking for volunteers to raise funds in order to provide the most exciting training opportunities we can for our cadets. Parents you are encouraged click on the link to the left of this page marked “Parent’s Handbook” to download the latest version of an informational booklet that will orient you to the things parents must know.

In addition, those with a desire to assist in an active way, may consider volunteering as an adult instructor or officer. Prior military experience is not required. If motivated to join, please clink on the button to the left marked "Adult Enrollment Forms" and speak to the Commanding Officer to find out how your talents may be utilized to serve. 

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Joining The Corps

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