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All branches of the military have minimal physical and academic requirements that members at every rank and grade must attain, beginning with boot camp. This is what is known as Basic Military Requirements. Navy Boot Camp is probably one of the most classroom-intensive of the four primary military services. They want young men and women that are not just physically fit, but  can learn and embrace new knowledge and skills. As a result, the Navy requires new members to begin learning the basics for new recruits immediately while at boot camp. The Sea Cadet Corps requires new cadets to attain that same knowledge and physical fitness as well. 

B a s i c   M i l i t a r y   R e q u i r e m e n t s

In order to maximize the relative short time of the typical NSCC boot camp (ten days), new cadets are required to attain the initial academic knowledge, as well as basic physical requirements, as a prerequisite to entering boot camp. They are required to complete specific portions of a self-study training course that covers the basic professional military knowledge required of the men and women of the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserve. This course provides subject matter that directly relates to the naval standards for the apprenticeship (E-2/E-3) rates. This self-study training course is called Basic Military Requirements (NAVEDTRA 14325) Non-resident Training Course. They are also required to achieve physical readiness that is measured by the Physical Readiness Test (PRT), which sets the required physical abilities by gender and age, outlined in the Physical Readiness Manual,

​​On this page you will find the New Cadet Handbook,  a guide for new cadets, and the learning materials necessary for new Cadets to progress in the Corps. This includes the material needed to complete the basic military requirements that must be completed as a prerequisite for recruit training or required for advancement. The available material includes the American Veterans Division Indoctrination Manual, the Basic Military Requirements (NAVEDTRA 14325) Non-resident Training Course, and the Physical Readiness Manual. The BMR answer sheet, officially known as the Correspondence Course Answer Sheet (NSCTNG 028), needed to submit evidence of the cadets' learning to the Unit Admin Officer, is also available on this page. 

The designated Unit Course Administrators (UCA) can assist cadets in acquiring the information required for, and the completion of, cadet courses. The Sea Cadet Corps manages the training course information through the Correspondence Course Management System (CCMS), administered by the National Headquarters, a web-based system similar to the Navy's CNET system used by branches of the military.